Shipping Info

SWAG Antiques has a wholesale UPS Shipping account! We pass this savings on too you our customers! All purchases will be shipped UPS. We always choose the cheapest UPS shipping option! If you need expedited shipping please let us know at the time of purchase.

MID-MOD VINATGE COUCH SETInternational Shipping!
SWAG Antiques ships pieces all over the world! There are only 2 countries in the world we can NOT ship too. We can NOT ship too Brazil or Argentina because these countries do not accept imports.

Shipping Insurance:
SWAG Antiques always insures every package shipped with UPS. The piece will be insured based on the final purchase price from SWAG Antiques. Customer to cover insurance cost. This cost will be added in the total shipping charge.

SWAG Antiques packages the majority of our pieces using some recycled packing material and recycled boxes. We again pass this savings on too you our customer. For Large items or fragile items we will have them professionally boxed or crated by an outside company. This will be an additional charge to the customer for having these items packed, boxed or crated. The customer will be notified by SWAG Antiques at the time of purchase if the purchased piece requires special packaging and or crating resulting in additional charges.

SWAG Antiques will provide the customer with there UPS tracking number for the shipment!

Special Delivery Requests:
Please ask SWAG Antiques for in advance to the shipping if there is any Special Delivery Request for drop off.

Delivery Time:
SWAG Antiques is NOT responsible for the delivery time! Once the shipment has been received by UPS we have NO control of when it will be delivered. Because this is UPS wholesale shipping account some pieces take longer to receive than others. The way these accounts work is the pieces get put on trucks, planes, etc as space is available. This is how UPS wholesale shipping provide the discount. Once again if you need expedited shipping for a piece that needs to be delivered at a specific time or date please confirm this with SWAG Antiques at completion of purchase. Please let us know if you have any questions.