SWAG Antiques of Downtown Las Vegas, Nevada in the heart of the arts, pawn and antique shopping area on Las Vegas Boulevard.

Our shop is designed to take you into different periods of time as each room has its own theme. We have traveled across the USA delicately picking items that are unique and unusual. We strive to pick items that are made in America, but from time to time you will see only antique items from others countries such as Japan for example. They made some amazing great tin toys.

Shawn Zahnow and RJ Franklin have a passion for “picking”, both growing up with parents who toted us around flea markets, yard sales and antiques shops. We have grown to really appreciate the quality of antiques. They are nothing like you can buy today. These pieces were made to stand the test of time. We believe that rescuing and finding great homes will save these pieces from being thrown away and lost forever. Think about the products produced today. If you are lucky you might find something made in the USA at a much higher cost than other counties producing our goods and usually of higher quality. As for the products produced outside the USA most fall apart within a very short period of time. We would love to see an industrial revolution in the USA again. This would bring the jobs home and hopefully we would create quality merchandise once again.

At SWAG Antiques we specialize in selling petroliana including porcelains and tin signs that are dealership or gas and oil related, vintage road maps, displays that held manuals, windshield wiper blade displays, oil can displays as well as battery cable displays. Anything we can find that has that classic American advertising what we strive to carry in the shop.

Soda pop, ice cream and bakery items are often in are shop but usually sell very quickly so get them while you can. You know the old verbiage at antique shops, “if you see something you love you should buy it now because chances are it won’t be there when you come back.”


Beer and alcohol advertising is another specialty item we carry. We look for those amazing, lighted beer signs from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s including the old neon signs. We also carry beer mirror advertising and an array of small items that are bar related such as rare lighters and ashtrays.

What happened in VEGAS? You can bring home from VEGAS, vintage casino chip, ashtrays, die, cards, and card dealer shoes, as well more unique pieces such as door handles from some of the old closed casinos and casino slot chairs.
If you are looking for lighting you have come to the right place, why else would we be named SWAG Antiques if it weren’t for all of the SWAG lights on display for sale!

At SWAG Antiques our inventory is constantly changing. We carry a little bit of everything but display it in a manner that is clean and very well organized. We do the digging and cleaning so you don’t have to. To list a few of the other items we carry are antique telephone, radios, primitives including many old kitchen items, clothing, luggage, framed mirrors, furniture, tons of decorating items for the house. Victorian to Mid-Century Modern, we have it all.

Come in and check it out for yourself!